Terracycle Recycling

Bring the following waste to the store so that it can be sent to Terracycle for recycling instead of being incinerated.

Terracycle schemes are funded by product manufacturers who acknowledge some responsibility for the waste their industry creates. Consequently, some are quite specific about the waste they will pay for. Check out the guidelines for each scheme below. 

Each of the schemes has a separate box within the store - please bring your waste pre-sorted so that you don't have to do it when you arrive. Of course if you're not sure about anything, bring it anyway and we'll help you out. 

All recycling must be sorted and packed, by ourselves - so please ensure that everything you bring is clean-ish, and dry. Flat-packed and neat packaging is much easier for us to process too.

In return for sending in recycling, we are given a pot of funding that we are able to donate to our chosen school or charity - in our case that is Wickham Primary School. Funds from the Pladis Biscuits & Snacks programme go to St. John's Primary School in Waltham Chase.