The Beginning of All Good Things

The Beginning of All Good Things

Welcome to the new home of All Good Things of Wickham, where you will find a range of eco-friendly products that are either zero waste, plastic free, reusable, vegan or all of the above!

We are Nina and Steve. We are passionate about our village, and equally passionate about protecting the planet for the good of our children. Our aim is to offer a range of hand-selected products that inspire and enable residents of Wickham (and beyond) to become more earth conscious. Where possible we will source locally, so if you know of a great product that fits our ethos please let us know.

Our range will grow over the coming weeks and months, and by summer 2019 we expect to be running regular pop-up shops in the village with opportunities to browse and buy our products, including packaging free bulk goods for refills. In the meantime, please support us by shopping locally and spreading the word of our new venture. 


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  1. Sue Hemsworth says:

    Hi Nina and Steve,
    Are you a shop in Wickham? My daughter and I live in Wickham and would very much like to visit if you are and support such an amazing local business. Please could you let us know where you are, Regards Sue

    • wickhamecoshop says:

      Hi Sue,

      Thanks for your message, We are not a shop that you can visit unfortunately – retail premises cost too much for the business at the moment. That said, I’m waiting for confirmation that I can set up a pop-up shop in Warwick Lane! Keep your eyes on the website and Facebook page for dates that we should be there, hopefully in the next couple of weeks!

      Thanks again, Nina

  2. Frankie says:

    Hi Nina and Steve
    This is exactly what i’m looking for. I cannot wait to purchase your products and come and browse when you get your pop-up shop. I have a number of local friends who will also be interested. I’m hoping to encourage less use of plastics in Bishops Waltham, so perhaps we can tie in somehow.
    Keep up the work!
    Kind regards

    • wickhamecoshop says:

      Hi Frankie, thanks so much for your encouragement!

      I’m seriously considering a weekly order drop in Bishops Waltham to give you all a chance to get free or very cheap delivery. I just need a couple of weeks to clear some of the workload from my other business first.

      If you have any ideas for a location for a pop-up shop in Bishops Waltham, please let me know!

      Thank you, Nina

  3. Sue says:

    Thank you for getting back to me. Will look out for the pop up shop.
    Really looking forward to supporting your business.
    Currently on the hunt for ladies eco razors!

  4. Sue Conabeer says:

    Don’t worry about my previous message – just found your Facebook page, which answers my questions!

  5. Sue Conabeer says:

    Great to find a local source of zero waste stuff – a friend at work said you had already done some pop-up openings, any more in the pipeline? I’m in Waltham Chase.

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